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Vampires, my friend, vampires

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Updated; My strugles with a LB RP [Jul. 5th, 2010|11:00 pm]
Vampires, my friend, vampires


UPDATE: So Ok.... the reboot is now finished and anyone who wants to play in a by-post game I'm here. Well, there. Ummm.... It's more or less a cannon-inclusive RP since I can't think of a Non-LB Plot at the moment.

Cannon-Inclusive means that if you want to play around in Orig LB there is a board for that. If you want to play around in the Tribe's universe there is a board for that to. Also there are boards for Thirst and Beginning. Yes, I included one of the never-filmed sequels since the script was officially released and we have details about it's plot, characters and what not.

Oh. Speaking of all that, I went a bit nuts when I got a copy of the supposed Lost Girls script and added a fan section. I mean that thing has nearly as many sub-forums as the main game section. I've got links up to the downloads of scripts, Pics galore of the comics, cds,  novel, Misc Fan Swag some going as far back the 1988 Comic-Con. There are places to talk about the actors of all 3, a 'shrine' to the webs FIRST Lost Boys website (all I ever thought to back up was the text, Donna saved the entire site and gave it it's own entire 'wing' at her fabulous LB Site Hotel Twilight... check it out guys seriously) Memorial Threads to Corey Haim and Bernard Hughes... I mean. There are "clubs" to go all sqeeee on the characters... Yeah. The fan section derailed the Reboot by about two weeks.

All we need is people. Come on! Lets get playing!


A couple of you know that just over three years ago I answered an ad for a By-Post Lost Boys Role Play. ... It didn't turn out well. For about a month and a half it was great but the mods both had attentions spans shorter than your average goldfish and for the next two years they dicked me around before finally abandoning the board all together. A year of half tries with about one post a month later brings us current. 

I'm completely rebooting the board now. The redesign is almost finished. I'm about half done with setting up Space-Saver sub-forums until I get a hold of place names for The Thirst. Abandoned PCs have either been opened up or moved to the cemetery with a small Obit.

It'll have room for all three Lost Boys movies and even characters from the comics. Original characters will be allowed, and there will be no character limit. The only stipulation to this is that they have to be characters that fit into the LB-verse. Meaning Humans, Vampires, Half-Vampires, Werewolves and Ghouls.

Other things I am working on are integrated NPCs (example; a sticky post for the hospital has a Doctor stated out) I am attempting to find an Embeddable Dice Roller that I can stick in the sidebar,  a OOC sub-forum for "Fan Clubs" where we can chat about characters and generally act like the fans we are, links to fan sites, buttons for fan-listings, my Mega-Fan Post has been expanded...