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The Lost Boys of Gurps Help! - My blood is in your veins! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Vampires, my friend, vampires

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The Lost Boys of Gurps Help! [Sep. 13th, 2011|08:16 pm]
Vampires, my friend, vampires


Some of you know that my old computer took a shit and died on me a couple months ago. Being broke I could not afford a new one for just over a month and in that time I hand wrote a conversion for The Lost Boys movies, scripts, and books to the GURPS Table Top role playing game.


I ended up with more than 4 1/2 inch binders of hand written character notes, script comparisons, movie notes, character stats and hand drawn maps.

Some of you also know that about two weeks ago I decided to create a wikia for that conversion as a way of getting it out there, easy set up and easily editable, cause the odds of my actually publishing it are next to nothing.

Aside from that fact that I have only the most basic (read NONE) knowledge of creating and maintaining a wikia and my scanner cannot read my hand writing so I cannot simply scan as a text file I have become massively overwhelmed by this project.

I am humbly calling for the help of our incredible fandom.

I’ve got stats and maps and everything GURPS side, if your favorite character has not been given their own page yet, feel free to jump on it.

Edit the hell out of it. Upload pics. Create pages. Tell me if I fucked anything up.